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    Malyka Oudh Burner


    Malyka Oudh Burner

    Arabic Incense Burner – Gold (Large)

    This Bakhoor burner / Arabic Incense Burner is great for burning arabic incense, incense resin, powder, bukhoor, wood chip.
    It’s made from ceramic material, so it won’t be hot to touch. Comes with an aluminium tray for any mess.
    Method of burning Bakhoor: Take a piece of coal and heat it until its full heated. Wait for 2 minutes, then sprinkle a small amount of Bakhoor incense on top of the hot coal. Place the coal under the hood at the top and enjoy the beautiful fragrance that fills the room through the small holes at the top.

    Our advice, please be careful around children as coal gets extremely hot and two of our three recommended burners use coal.

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